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Online Vender Review - CoreTCG

This is my first review for any online Yu-Gi-Oh card vender. Well here I go.

   I first became intrested in CoreTCG after comparing there prices to other venders on the internet. And compared to others I saw CoreTCG is really one of the cheapest. Their website is pretty easy to use, not as easy as others like yugiohmint.com, but it was easy. I just got my first order in the mail today and all the cards are as described on the site Near-mint, Mint.
   I had an over all good experience with CoreTCG, but there are a couple things they need to work on. Their site claims that the order will be prossessed in 48 Hours, but my order took 5 days to prossess (and my 2nd is on its 5th day) that is a little long for my taste. My 2nd complaint has to do with the website itself. Every page you click on it asks you "Do you want to view only the webpage contect that was delivered securely?" and you have to click no otherwise you cant see any of the cards images, its kind of annoying after having to click no 50 times just to get all the cards I want.

Here are the pros and cons of CoreTCG
Very Cheap
Easy the use Website
Cards are as NM-Mint

LONG Prossessing
Annoying Security pop-up every page

To sum it up CoreTCG is a great and cheap Online Vender that just has a couple kinks to work out. So if your looking for cheap cheap cards and don't mind the wait I recommend CoreTCG.com.


I also use this site and its great. Coretcg.com rocks!


I just did my first order but my bank acc shows 3 charges. 1) the order i made for 16.17 after shipping 2) seperate 1 for 2.99 and another for 15.73 i didn't authorize anyone have this happen and it go away or what?


This site sucks so bad. I ordered something from there a month ago and they "had" to send me money back because the item I purchased was apparently out of stock even though you can only order items when they're in stock...obviously. I emailed them several times during this month. When they cashed my check and never updated my order status, I had to keep emailing them to get that taken care of. Then a month passes and the guy I wrote to, Kenny what's-his-nuts, writes me back, "Oh, sorry. The item you ordered is out of stock. But you can get any of the other ones that are in its place! Not the one you originally ordered one month ago that went out of stock the moment YOU bought it. I'll just not get back to you for another week, okay? I'm a duper business-man!" ...Uuuugh.


Core TCG is not as honest as troll and toad, they often cancel purchases to relist them at higher prices, annoying bad business practice.


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